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Natacha Cabral is looking for a job as a swim coach

01 MAR 2013 16:25
Natacha Cabral am a 26 year old Portuguese who wants to work with other cultures in the area that she loves the most, "competitive swimming".
Is there any swim club that can accept her, even if it is as a trainee? She don't mind, all she want do is to work and learn more, so she can develop as a coach.

She has a degree and a Master, made on FADEUP (Faculty of Sports of the University of Porto). She is a masters swimmer, and has worked for some years as a swim coach with 6-14 year old swimmers, but she prefer to work with older swimmers/competition level.
  • Skapad: 01 MAR 2013 16:25

See Natachas CV here

Skribent: Lars Modin


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