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Beach poloturnering i Göteborg

16 MAR 2020 12:43
  • Uppdaterad: 16 MAR 2020 12:43


To kick-off the new water polo season, Göteborg Sim would like to invite you to a beach water polo tournament in the lake ”Delsjön”. The tournament will take place on the 15-16th of August 2020, at the same time as Sweden’s second largest open water competition ”Göteborg Simmet”. Each team will play mixed-class, with the requirement to have at least one woman on the field at all times.

Otherwise the usual beach water polo rules will be applicable. You can put together your own team, what club you belong to is of no importance and all ages are welcome. Each team needs to bring a referee, no professional experience is required and the referee may be one of the team members. We are hoping for a fun tournament with Swedish and international participation.

The tournament fee is 1800 SEK, which includes a grill night on Saturday. We also offer accommodation and food for 450 SEK per player. Accommodation is available from Friday the 14th of August. The food includes breakfast and lunch both Saturday and Sunday.

Sign-up is done using the following link: http://goteborgsim.se/Aktiviteter/Visa/?ID=1673
(see p.2 for clarification and translation). We will be in touch with you via email for additional information and if you have any questions for us please contact us using This is a mailto link.

Please let us know if you have any questions!
All the best,
Göteborg Sim

Download invitation as a PDF-file.

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