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År Månad
(2012-02-01 09:32)
This is an old fine point for breaststroke, but it still needs to be reinforced frequently when teaching swimmers of all ages.
(2012-02-01 09:31)
Want to see what a beautiful butterfly pull feels like? Here's a drill anyone can do to learn the flowing feeling of fly when it all comes together.
(2012-02-01 09:29)
If you're looking for challenging ways to gain fitness for your legs, while adding a fun aspect to your training, medballs can certainly help accomplish that task.
(2012-02-01 09:28)
Here's a quick and simple drill to help you build a low breath in freestyle.
(2012-02-01 09:26)
Learning FAST butterfly, and training at above race pace is sometimes a good thing, as well as an intense thing. Using fins allows you to experience your goal speed, if not a bit more.

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